Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


Our sales are subject to the General conditions prevailing in all conditions of purchase, except express waiver on our part.


Any order includes full membership without reservation all terms and conditions on this document and its waiver of maintenance of all provisions of these general terms of purchase which would not comply with these terms. The commands made us directly by our clients or transmitted by our agents or representatives bind our society when they were accepted by it.


The goods are invoiced at the rate of the day of delivery. Prices mentioned on our representative’s standing orders are not provided for indicative tire.


The delivery time is given as indicative and maintained within the limits of the possible. He could not engage the responsibility of the field and a delay to deliver, even important, cannot constitute an acceptable cause, or refusal of delivery, no action for damage of any kind. Goods always travel at the risks and dangers of the recipient, even when prices are established FRANCO, or preferred by the domain, a carrier. For damages, reference should be made mandatory on the good of delivery of the carrier, signed at the time of the receipt of goods. Reservations must be confirmed by registered letter within three working days to the carrier delivery man, with a copy to the field. Our guarantee is strictly limited to the replacement, in a normal period, lost or broken products. The replacement cannot in any case justify a delay or a refusal to pay our bills.
Claims are accepted only within a period of three days after receipt of goods. At the, we cannot accept any return. It, in case of acceptance must be one with good signed our representative.


Except special conditions written and set out in the order, payments are made at the headquarters of the domain, in la MOTTE, dishes, without discount and payable on the day of receipt of the invoice, even if its execution of the command to resulted in claim or litigation. The words on our invoices for a period of 300 days after end of month of delivery correspond to the statutory provisions of the Act of 1 July 1993. Beyond that period speakers of late. They are calculated on the basis of the legal interest rate the date concerned with application of a coefficient of 1.5. Our vendors, agents and representatives, do not have standing to collect receipts species, but could receive cheques Killifish worded expressly on the agenda of the SARL of Domain du Jas of Esclans.


If payment of any deadlines, other deadlines become immediately payable, even if they have given rise to drafts. We reserve the faculty to suspend or cancel the orders not yet delivered. This faculty is also in the event that the purchaser cannot provide sufficient guarantees of solvency to the seller. The default at fixed times, will result in a contentious intervention and enforcement as damages and interest of compensation equal to 15% of the unpaid amount, in addition to the costs of recovery and legal interests.


Pursuant to Act n°80.335 du12 May 1980 concerning the clause of property/
- The goods which is the subject of any command received, remains the exclusive property of the field until payment in full of the price by the purchaser, e transfer of property being that at this time.
- The burden of risk of deterioration, loss, theft, fire, water damage, etc. will be transferred to the purchaser upon delivery; the latter must therefore take all the necessary insurance to cover the risks.
- In the case of resale of supplies before full payment of the price and its accessories, the client agrees, the first application on our part, to cede any part of the claims on its sub-purchasers, to the extent of the value of goods subject to reservation of ownership.
- Judicial settlement or liquidation of property, the field will have the right to claim ownership of the sold goods but not resolved, pursuant to the Act of January 25, 1985, section 121 and 122et this time of four months from the publication of the judgment opening the above procedure.


Challenge, only the Court of Draguignan will be competent, except contrary legal provisions.