The first vines were planted in 600 before J-C by the Romans in the valley of the Argens. Then will hold large the domain. Like winegrowers warn, they introduce new grape variety and improve wine making.

 In 1686, the Bourguignon Jean Baptiste Bodelet, Sir of Vaucouleurs and intendant of the Bishop of Fréjus, under Louis XIV, acquired an "Earth coulet pine forests, fillagnes, meadows and paths in Canavère….".
The wine domain will know in18th and in 19th century, several owners and prestigious visitors. The story tells that Napoleon Bonaparte returned from Egypt, and made his first stop on the ground of French before to go in Paris and in Europe…
The domain is purchased on September 1er 2010 by the De Wulf family, already owner to the Motte of domain of Jas d’Esclans, Cru Classé since 1955 and Organic Farming has always been. On that date, the Château de Vaucouleurs started conversion in Organic Farming, to be in line with the idea of responsible for viticulture which already governs the Jas d’Esclans has always been. The family De Wulf is done very quickly to the domain of Vaucouleurs the place it deserves in the best areas of Provence. They intend to make revive this wonderful area in relying on the experience, knowledge, the professionalism and the work of the entire team of Jas d’Esclans and Vaucouleurs.
The château de Vaucouleurs account two “Cuvées” of red, Rosé and white: the “Cuvée Château” and the “Cuvée Les Lézards”.
Each of these wines will be dressed a label with the effigy of the Green Lizard (Lambert), emblematic animal of Puget on Argens. Several explanations are possible for the "Lambert" as a symbol of the village.
Admittedly the green lizards abound on the soil, and it is said that, when they were been besieged, the Pugétois would have been brought to eat some for not to die of hunger from where “lei manjo Limbert” (“eaters of Lambert”)…  Another explanation appears more satisfactory: the village of Puget is always with the sun under which the Lizards like to heat themselves.